Cat lady


Our cat lady Nara will be leaving us soon. It’s a sad moment because we really love her.

Nara grew up somewhere far from us. She must have been beaten and treated very badly. She is so shy and wants hardly be caressed.

Over this year and a half, since she came here, she became a tiny bit less anxious. The first week with us, she was hiding under the sofa. Now, she jumped onto the sofa from time to time, laid down and started purring and stayed a while there.

Nara started even licking our Mister cat and was lying with him in the basket. Everybody was convinced that she’ll be adopting our baby cat with an open heart.

When our baby Loulou arrived three weeks ago, Nara was very curious at the beginning. But then, her elegant tail grew very thick, as we’ve never seen it. She developed such anger only by seeing the baby cat.

Three days ago, she bit the tiny cat into its leg when chasing it in the garden. The baby cat’s leg was terribly bleeding.

It’s too much stress for both of them and all family members as well. That’s why Nara will leave us for a better place for her. Farewell, Nara, we love you.




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