Writing is Growing

It is just amazing how it works. Writing is healing, growing, and becoming stronger than ever.

Have you experienced this as well? Or do you rather believe that this is not possible, or it doesn’t work with anybody? Let me explain it to you.

Without the Covid time, I wouldn’t have learned that much. This time pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and do a daily podcast for more than 30 days.

The podcast with the title of my upcoming book “Living Without Fear” gave me the possibility to think about my life and how I’ve learned to overcome fear and a huge amount of self-doubts.

For example, I suddenly realized why it has always been difficult for me to be in groups and feel comfortable. As I highly sensitive person, I would feel all the energy around me from the other people. Normally in a group, there are very different energies around, which would not match with each other.

I would notice this and be torn apart because I like harmony. I would be overwhelmed to feel all these different sensations and not be able to manage them and bring them together.

I always felt how some people were excited to be in this group and how others were bored or annoyed to be there. I was in between, and I was unable to connect with my own feelings. I was too busy with the feelings of all the others.

It has always been a nightmare to be in a group. In my twenties, I unconsciously started solving the challenge by identifying the negative thinking people and building a smaller group with them and by stepping out of the whole group.

This way, I surrounded myself with like-minded people and then, it was rather easy to build an anti-group to the big group, and by being against the big group, by feeling better than the others, I had a reason to be there.

This always worked well – for many, many years, until the moment I realized that I didn’t want to be any more a negative thinking person, criticizing others and therefore feeling better than the others. This latter thing I luckily learned was a false belief because I realized as well that the negative thinking always led me to criticize myself in the end, and this meant a supplementary amount of suffering as well.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy for me to be in a group, but I know the reason and I always try to concentrate on myself as best as I can. For a certain amount of time, for a few hours, this works for me, but for half a day and more, either it makes me feel exhausted or I tend to get into a nervous state of mind, where I start talking and interacting with people, but be aware that I try to please others and that I’m not myself anymore.

Does this resonate with you?

When I was writing and speaking my podcast’s episode with the title “The Others”, I became aware of those patterns and I also realized why I got them.

Do you want to hear, how I phrased it?

“Some time ago, I noticed that I am like a musical instrument that always tries to get tuned to the right sound of the others. Whenever I went to a meeting or to an event, I turned on all my sensors to catch the mood or the vibrations of the other people in the room or just sitting beside me and I completely forgot myself. I always felt great when I met like-minded people and I could share my thoughts and beliefs.

When I met people, who were rather different than me, who showed me that they wouldn’t appreciate me being like I was, I suffered a lot.

Even when I seemed rather certain about myself, the presence of that kind of people got me in a state of mind with a lot of self-doubts in no time.

I always asked myself how this could happen in such a short time. I realized that already as a child I needed to focus on my parents and that was the reason why I couldn’t learn to focus on myself.

It took me so long to see how it helps so much when I turn on all my sensors onto myself first. Then, I feel what I need right at the moment. Perhaps, I need to have a few minutes or even only a few seconds just on my own without speaking, totally concentrating on myself.

After this, I may decide to reach out to the others around me and offer them my awareness.”

How do you cope with these kinds of situations?

Do you write down your thoughts to get a clearer mind?

Do you have a journal that you used a long time ago and that sleeps in a cupboard somewhere?

How about taking it out and starting to write again?

Or how about buying an empty book and filling it with your thoughts?

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