Getting published

Have you ever dreamt of being published?

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of writing stories like Frederica de Cesco, a Swiss author known for more than 50 books for teenagers and more than 15 books for adults. She is the reason as well that many years later, I decided to travel to India totally on my own.

Do you have similar souvenirs?

Being a teenager, I imagined how it would be to write my books and get published. When I saw my name for the first time at the beginning of an article in a Swiss newspaper, it felt great, and it felt like dreaming a bit.

Do you also have dreams, and have you ever experienced that suddenly part of them do become real?

I was so proud of my first article. I made it into a newspaper. This was a good start. I was convinced, there will be more for me to come.

I didn’t expect my father’s answer and I didn’t count on my lack of self-confidence. “Everybody can do this”, was his answer to my boyfriend, when he asked my father how he felt about his daughter. I was devastated, because my father didn’t feel proud of my article.

This is a small part of my very personal story, and this is also the reason why it took me so long to get back to my dreams of my teenager time.

For many years, I didn’t have enough people around me who told me to do what I really liked to do, or I didn’t have enough courage to write my own texts and search for possibilities to get published.

I needed mentors.

Do you have a mentor?

If not, I highly recommend to you to get you one, because it takes so much time to figure out what your mission in this life is, if you do it on your own and if you don’t have people in your network, who encourage you to follow your heart and go for your dreams. A mentor helps you to accelerate your process immensely. You cannot believe this, if you haven’t tried it out yourself.

If you believe that you don’t have enough money to pay a mentor, it’s a totally wrong perception. If you save money on a mentor, you lose a lot of money and a huge amount of valuable time in your life and in your business.

So, if you dream as well of getting published, but you feel afraid of taking action to find a possibility, don’t give up, because this is the worst thing you can do.

I know what you might think now.

A lot of people always keep on repeating this: Keep going, don’t give up.

I always believed that this doesn’t work with me until I really kept on going and I became unstoppable.

Besides, do you know Unstoppable Tracy, the great motivational speaker and athlete, born as a 4-way amputee? I came across her a few months ago, when she was interviewed by another famous motivational speaker Les Brown on Facebook.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or I doubt whether I’m able to do something, I have to think of Unstoppable Tracy. What she realizes in life – with so much positivity and mental strength – is just mind-blowing.

So, I always ask myself: Why shouldn’t I be able to leave my comfort zone, if someone without two legs and two hands is able to climb in the Himalayan mountains?

If you wish to reach a goal such as getting published, don’t give up your dream. There might be a chance coming sooner than you dreamt of. The next year could be your year of seeing your picture, your name, and your text published in an international magazine.

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