Writing and Playing Full Out

Writing makes me happy. Why? It is such a privilege for me to be able to express my thoughts and feelings in words and publish them in a blog or in a book and inspire others.

Do you feel the same way? Wonderful! Congratulations for being in the same universe than many others.

Or are you sometimes feeling overwhelmed because you are not able to express yourself as you would like to?

Don’t give up trying and trying again. I’d like to encourage you, because I know that there are always ways to reach your goal if you really wish to. I’m not only talking about writing. Everything in life is possible. It’s only a matter of trying and not giving up. Once you have discovered this, you can change all you like to change – in all areas of your life. Believe me!

But let’s stay with writing as I see the progress many people already made when they gave me the chance to help them.

I’m sure something is blocked in you that you cannot yet express yourself as you wish.

So, try to find out what is blocking you.

Do you give yourself permission to speak up, to say what you really think? Or is there someone in your family or in your closer surroundings who is criticizing you or whom you are simply afraid of because he or she could do it? It doesn’t even have to be real. It just can happen in your thoughts. Maybe, if you try to speak up, this person wouldn’t react as you fear she or he would do. But as you didn’t try, and you were always afraid that it might happen, you even don’t know the reaction.

Do you allow yourself to be authentic or are you afraid of the reactions if you were authentic and you never dared to be or only a small part of it? Are you afraid of showing your real thoughts and feelings?

I know exactly how you might feel. It sucks, this feeling of being afraid of losing a friend or a family member. Whenever I spoke up in my family, my father got very much upset. I always said the truth, but he didn’t want to hear it. He always blamed me for being ungrateful. This verdict was the most devastating for me. Afterward, I always felt so ashamed, so bad, so destroyed.

That’s why I stopped speaking up more and more. I preferred to stay silent. I tried to please others as often as I could. I was convinced that all are like my father and don’t want to hear what I really think. There were a few very special moments when I felt rather safe, I dared to be open. But normally, I kept my thoughts to myself and my diary for most of the time.

A very sad consequence of all this was that I didn’t trust my intuition anymore. I listened more to others than myself.

Does this resonate with you?

So, can you imagine that you have a similar fate?

Can you imagine that you’re writing is somehow stuck, because you’re not yet allowed to speak up or live the life you really dream of? Could it be that you feel being hindered from living the way you sometimes feel would be the right way? Could it be that you have friends and family members who don’t want you to be as you wish to be?

What helped me in the last years a lot is the fact that I only have one life and if I don’t try to be the person I really want to be, I will waste the valuable time of my life. What always comes to my mind are the articles I read about people interviewed in the last phase of their life and who said that they regret not having done this or that or not have been the person they always wanted to be.

What do you think?

What I always tell myself in moments when there is more fear and anxiety in me to speak up or do certain things, I don’t want to regret anything. I want to play out fully.

And that’s what I do now.

Writing my own story, “Living Without Fear”, also belongs to this chapter, and I know this book will also help others to overcome fear and find the courage to be the person they really wish to be.

Do you decide to play full out? This decision will also help you to get into a writing flow. Believe me!

Let me know your experiences with writing and with being authentic!

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