Writing To My Best Friend: My Diary

Writing to your best friend

Has writing been a difficult thing for you in your past life?

You must have had other strategies to get rid of your challenging feelings and sorrows.

My great support in difficult times has always been my journal and my writing. Whenever I felt I couldn’t cope with situations or people, whenever I had difficulties in solving my problems, I started writing.

Putting into words what was bothering me helped me a lot.

Maybe you had people around you who supported you and who listened to you when you felt depressed or desperate.

I realize that I have often been on my own. I didn’t feel understood by others. That was the reason why my journal was at my side and listened to me without judging or interrupting me.

Maybe, I was more afraid of not being understood by others that I decided not to talk and write to my best friend, my diary.

In my early twenties, I started seeing a psychotherapist, because my best friend recommended me to do so. She had started studying psychology and as she was convinced that psychotherapy could help me, I tried it out.

I was very happy I could share my thoughts with my psychotherapist for an hour per week or even two weeks. But during the rest of the time, I was again on my own and as I didn’t always want to bother my best friend to speak always about the same challenges, I spent more time than ever in company with my diary.

My diary knew all about me. Isn’t this amazing?

It knew all about my relationships, for example, all about my adventurous life in Connecticut in America, when I was one of 200 counselors in a creative work camp for 500 children from the high society of New York. It has been my awakening as a shy woman, who didn’t dare to get too close to the other sex and who experienced for the first time what great love and the feeling of meeting a soulmate meant. I didn’t have anybody to talk to about all these overwhelming feelings which kept me up at night or which bothered me during my free time. Phone calls from the States to Switzerland cost a fortune at that time and writing letters to my best friend meant that I would get her answer in about two weeks or later. What other solution was there than writing?

Today, we can quickly write a WhatsApp message and our best friend is at our side when we need her or him. What a big difference!

But maybe, you’re in a difficult situation and you don’t want to talk about it with your friends.

Why don’t you try to start writing down what is going on in your mind every morning or every evening?

At the end of the day, you might write down all that you are grateful for. Gratitude is a beautiful key to happiness.

In the morning, you might put together all your goals for the day or all the amazing things you would like to attract into your day. Or it might help you write down some affirmations: how you’d like to be and see yourself, for example, I’m freaking amazing, I’m unstoppable. Maybe, you’d like to write down one of your limiting beliefs and transform it into something positive: For example, it’s difficult for me to earn the money I need for my children and myself, and change this into all the money I need for my children and myself will be abundantly flowing into my life.

It’s incredible how much power words have and how even more powerful they become when written down. Try it out!

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