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I feel so amazed, when I look at my nearly one-year-old cat. This young cat is lying on our sofa without having any fear. The world could go under, but this cat is confident. It feels protected by us humans. Did I ever feel like this in my life? I would say no. Since years […]

Babies grow fast

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Babies grow fast It’s obvious: Babies are growing fast. Humans or cats: it’s the same. And there wasn’t enough time to write about each stadium of getting older. I’m so sorry. I could have told you about these precious moments when they had opened their eyes or when they had started walking around. We had […]

Different views

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Different views The other day, we’re talking about travelling to India again. Big Boy was rather excited about the idea, Little Boy wasn’t. So, we started discussing, we three, about the good and bad things about spending our vacation in a totally different country than Switzerland. Little Boy told us: “I’d be coming under the […]

Fill up energy

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  Fill up energy       I didn’t want to go the Content Production Day by Dave Hertig in Zurich. I was afraid of meeting all the successful Content Managers and feeling very insignificant. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to my feelings but to my intellect. I got so much energy talking to this group […]

Why not?

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Why not? She’s 87 years old, our remarkable grandmother, living in Geneva in her tiny apartment. “Do you play Beaver Gang with me”, asked Big Boy. “Well, I’ve no idea what this is”, said Grandmother. “But, why not!” Big Boy explained the game to her. Very quickly like a fast train. One could hardly follow. […]