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  It was in my first class. I was seven. I had to do those additions: 6+7=12 or 13? 5+8=24 or 23 or 22? I was looking at my fingers, counting, recounting and I was so nervous about these figures. They were turning around in my head. I walked to my teacher, an elderly woman, […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 13

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  12.45 a.m. first day of summer vacation Little boy:     “Where is my coffee?” Big boy:         “What…?” Little boy:     “You promised me a cold coffee.” Big boy:         “I beg you pardon.” Little boy:     “Don’t you remember?” Big boy:         “What…?” Little boy:     “For sure. We made a bet and I was […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 3

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Bathroom at 17.31 p.m. Little boy:      “Hey, you put on my grey track pants.” Big boy:          “No, this isn’t true.” Little boy:      “I am sure they are mine.” Big boy:          “Come on. You don’t know yours.” Little boy:      “I am sure I always put them at the same place.” Big boy:          “No, […]