Conversation between brothers: Scene 9

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7.37 a.m. before leaving for school Big boy:         “Can I borrow your headphones again?” Little boy:     “Why don’t you take yours?” Big boy:         “They’re broken. Can I?” Little boy:     “No, I don’t give them.” Big boy:         “Oh, come on!” Little boy:     “You’re always breaking my things.” Big boy:         “No, this isn’t […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 3

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Bathroom at 17.31 p.m. Little boy:      “Hey, you put on my grey track pants.” Big boy:          “No, this isn’t true.” Little boy:      “I am sure they are mine.” Big boy:          “Come on. You don’t know yours.” Little boy:      “I am sure I always put them at the same place.” Big boy:          “No, […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 1

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    Bathroom at 6.45 a.m.:  Big boy:          “Why do you look at me this way?” Little boy:      “What’s the problem?” Big boy:          “Stop starring at me.” Little boy:      “Did you get up with the wrong foot?” Big boy:          “You look terrible today.” Little boy:      “You’re in such a bad mood.” Big […]

Feeling sorry

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  I feel so bad. We went to the hairdresser today, and as their father always tells the boys to cut their hair shorter, we did it. Little boy is now running around with his winter woolen hat. He is so ashamed of his look. The picture shows the situation “before”, and it will take […]

Orange trousers

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When you have to start your day with a discussion about orange trousers, I guess you have pubescent teenagers in your household, too. If you don’t live with kids, I guess you imagine this discussion rather funny. But I tell you: it is not funny at all. Big boy puts on his younger brother’s trousers […]