Missing passports

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It didn’t start well this time. The Indian Embassy in Berne didn’t approve our photos although we used the same as last year. We had to retake these burglar photos without smiling and looking straight to the camera and sending them again to Berne. And I was so glad when I saw the envelope from […]


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    There aren’t so many colors in Switzerland at the moment. It’s rather gloomy. But suddenly, you discover something, which pops up from the grey. Someone had this wonderful idea to put more colors to a simple railway underpass. It is as if someone smiles at me. We all need an unexpected smile from […]


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    Planting a tree is something special. It is like taking the decision to build a house or finishing the studies at university. It feels exciting. The new tree is a sweetgum and shall mark the beginning of a new period, hopefully a sweet one. Our sweetgum will be watching us every day through […]


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    Sometimes, you know exactly where you’re going. You see the light just in front of you. Sometimes, you don’t know where it shall be going. It feels uncomfortable. You wish to change but you do not succeed. Sometimes, you know it must be changing the sooner or later because it doesn’t feel the […]

Stolen postcard

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    It was fun writing postcards two years ago in Italy. Every postcard had been personalized: for grandmother Mémé, for auntie Raymonde and uncle Didi, for godfather Jean-Pierre and godmother Katja. At the end, every postcard was a little piece of art that wanted to be stored for eternity before going on the big […]

Like magic

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    Sometimes it seems to appear out of the nowhere. I am at the right time on the right spot and I suddenly catch a moment in life, which won’t come back. This happened yesterday. Wandering around in the middle of Zurich, I discovered these magic bubbles. I would have liked to shout at […]

Rare species

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  Sunday afternoon in the South Indian zoo of Trivandrum: there are hundreds of Indian families with their children and two Swiss boys with their mother. We want to have a look at the lions, crocodiles, zebras, monkeys and their friends. All the local people have the same purpose. But, as soon as they discover […]