Experience India –
get inspired
by the colorful and mystical place Varkala


Two weeks

in the South of India


January, 31th until February 16th of 2020.


With a





If you’ve never been to India,

because you were afraid

of traveling alone to this country,

this is the possibility

to make your dream come true.


What will you be experiencing?

You’ll be traveling within a small group of women (max. 5)

to the richest state of India, Kerala in South India.

We’ll be staying at one place:

a mystical and historical spot at the seaside, called Varkala.

You can choose whether you want to do:








Book Writing Expert Esther Bürki


NOTHING of all of that.


You’d like to go for long walks on the beach or

sitting in a cliff café, enjoying the view on the sea and

discovering the dolphins passing by.

You’d like to write your diary, think about your life,

find inner peace, and just relax from your life at home.

You’ll have the choice to enjoy time with yourself

or with the other women of this small group.

You can go shopping in all these cliff shops,

finding amazing jewelry, wonderfully handmade gifts

and beautifully printed fabrics,

or you might order your individual trousers

or skirts from the tailor with your favorite colors.

You might go to the beach, swimming and jumping

with the waves of the ocean and eating fresh fruits.

You might stroll around the market place

with your camera and finding beautiful sujets.

You might be talking to other travellers from

all over the world and learning about their countries.

You might be visiting the capital of the

state Kerala, enjoying an Indian train ride

and going shopping.

You’ll be living in a comfortable place,

but not too fancy in order to get a real touch of India.


Where about in India?

We’ll be staying in Varkala, a place that has grown a lot in the last 15 years since I visited it the first time.

 It became more touristic, also for Indians from the North, but still kept its charm because of the beautiful view from the cliffs over the ocean.

 You can also feel the great energy because of lot of Yoga and Meditation Centers as well as the 2000-year-old Temple that is visited by many pilgrims, and the spiritual healing ceremonies on the beach that many Indian families bring to Varkala.


What kind of group of women?

It’s a group of open-minded women, who are powerful individuals,

but also caring for and sharing with other women what they experienced.

These women wouldn’t have had the courage to travel

alone to India, but are feeling safe in this small group to discover

this foreign country under the guidance of the experienced traveler

and Indian connoisseur, Esther Bürki.


Who is the Organiser?

Esther Bürki, a Swiss Journalist,

International Book Writing Expert and

Children’s Book Author,

56, mother of two boys (13 and 15),

fluently speaking German, English and French,

had this vision to introduce other women to India,

especially Varkala, since a few years.

Her first travel to India was in 1999,

four weeks totally on her own.

She had booked an Ayurveda Retreat in the South of India for the first two weeks,

and spent the rest with other travelers.

She felt in love

with the colors, the rich vegetation in South India, and

with the smiling faces of these people, who don’t have a lot, but feel happy.

Many years later, she traveled six weeks through India

with the father of her boys,

and got to know this place Varkala,

where she also saw a lot of European children playing around on the beach.

This memory is the reason why she came back to Varkala

with her two boys, aged 6 and 8, for four weeks in 2012.

 It surprised her

how easy it was to travel with children in India. Every body loves children,

and her children loved to be in Varkala.

Two years later, she even dared to experience

with the 8- and 10-year-olds a train ride from the South to the North of India,

which meant two full days in a sleeper car

to go the New Delhi and two days back to Varkala.

The boys loved this, too, and wouldn’t mind to re-do it.

You can read some other stories of these travels

with her boys, also to Egypt,

on her blog here.




Accommodation and food is very cheap in India.

The biggest cost is the flight to Trivandrum Airport

(Thiruvananthapuram, TRV).

Departing from Zurich and depending on how early you book it,

it will be

around CHF 1500.

The total costs including accommodation,

meals, beverages, transfer, visa, flight ticket will be

around CHF 3200

per person

for 16 days.


What do you need?

You need a valid passport,
which does not expire within the next six months. You might refresh your
tetanus shot,
if it hasn’t been done in the last ten years.

Do you have questions?


If you want to clarify other things, which haven’t been mentioned here,

give me a call or write to me.

+ 41 78 670 50 63




Registration Form


After your registration, you’ll get a confirmation and you’ll be asked to pay CHF 500 to reserve your

spot for this trip.

This amount won’t be refunded after a cancellation.

You’ll be paying the flight ticket once it’s booked.

The rest (visa, transfer, accommodation, travel organization)

will be due on January, 4th of 2020.





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