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Finding Joy in Writing with the Group Writing Program by Esther Buerki

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10-week Group Coaching Program


Learn with the program Finding Joy in Writing how to create amazing texts.

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6 sessions, every two weeks

from 8 to 9 pm CET

Group sessions will always be available on replay

When participating in this program Finding Joy in Writing, you'll get the possibility to get published in an international magazine.

Why should you definitely participate in this group teaching program?

  • You always wished to write with effortless ease, but you didn’t know how you could learn this.
  • You always dreamt of writing beautiful texts.
  • You may have read some books about writing, but it didn’t improve your writing skills.
  • You may have participated in a writing course, but it didn’t help you.
  • You often hear your teachers’ voice who told you that you’re not good at writing, but an inner voice tells you that you love writing and you’d like to overcome your hindering beliefs.
  • You like to interact with others, and you believe that a group of people with the same challenges help you to gain more self-confidence.
You will be learning in ten weeks how to find joy in writing and how to create amazing texts.

What will you be learning in these 10 weeks?

In this program, you will be learning all the magic tips and tricks regarding writing Esther Buerki has practiced during her more than 30 years of writing experience as a journalist, as a communication specialist in the communication department of big Swiss industries and as a writing expert with her clients.

You will be experiencing:

  • how to forget your teacher’s voice who had told you that you’re not good at writing.
  • how to start writing with effortless ease.
  • how to get unstuck while writing.
  • how to find endless joy in writing.
  • how to write amazing social media posts or blog posts.
  • how to capture your audience with clear messages.
  • how to become unstoppable while writing.
  • how to discover your lost passion.

Which questions will be answered?

You will be receiving answers to the following questions:

  • How do I change my hindering beliefs?
  • What do I do before writing?
  • How do I start writing?
  • When is it best to write?
  • What do I do to stay in the writing flow?
  • How do I write an inspiring social media post or blog post?
  • How do I write an amazing speech, article or book?

What do you do in between the group teaching sessions?

In between the six group coaching sessions, you will be improving your copywriting by working on some easy exercises Esther Buerki will give you. But you will be also writing on your own texts and try out what you’ve learnt during the group sessions.

If you want, you can send your texts to her and get feedback on them.

What do you get with this special program?

During these 10 weeks in Finding Joy in Writing, you have the possibility to schedule a 1:1 call with Esther Buerki of 50 minutes. You will be discussing your texts or your writing projects. It is up to you where you’d like to have her professional help instantly.

Here is the summary of all you will get:

  • 6 group coaching and teaching sessions on Zoom with Esther Buerki
  • 1 One-to-One writing coaching session with the Writing Coach
  • the great possibility to unstuck you in writing and finally finding joy in writing
  • getting joy and energy while writing
  • learn how to write your most inspiring social media posts ever since
  • the exchange in a group of like-minded people having the same writing challenges

How much does it cost?

The new 10-week group writing program FINDING JOY IN WRITING costs CHF 497 instead of CHF 797. It includes also one private call with Esther Buerki (worth CHF 350) and the great BONUS of being published in an international magazine (the amazing details will follow).

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When will the group coaching sessions taking place?

Tuesday September 1, 2020, from 8 to 9 pm CET on Zoom

Tuesday September 15, 2020

Tuesday September 29, 2020

Tuesday October 13, 2020

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Tuesday November 10, 2020

The group coaching sessions will all be recorded. So, if you miss one, you can always catch up by watching the replay.

In case, you don’t feel comfortable in showing up during the life sessions in person, you can always turn off your video camera.

What do former participants say about this program?

«I would do it again in a heartbeat!»

 “After a decade as a busy mom, taking care of everyone else’s needs, a burnout and the loss of my job, “Finding Joy in Writing” seemed a good idea! I had such fun, rediscovering my passion for writing, getting valuable input & positive feedback. Thank you, Esther! I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Fara Schätzle-Notter, Medical Secretary

Do you have questions?

If something isn’t clear to you, please don’t hesitate to contact her. You can book a short call with Esther Buerki, so she can quickly answer all your questions.

Here is the link to her calendar:

At her first reading, book writer Esther Buerki moved an adult listener to tears with her children’s story «Leonard and Loulou, as the person was reminded of her childhood dog.

About the Writing Expert

Writing has always been her thing.

Journalist, editor and children’s book author Esther Bürki wrote her first letters as a girl to her mother, her first serious thoughts in adolescence in her diary.

Her study of French, German and English literature in Zurich brought her closer to the world literature writers, but far away from her own writing. Fascinated by Franz Kafka, Charles Baudelaire and Ingeborg Bachmann, she no longer dared to write her own texts.

Writing for newspapers, however, was easier. One of the biggest Swiss newspapers, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, gave her the opportunity to publish the first article about a French crime writer at Feuilleton. How many times did she turn around the sentences and exchange words until the newspaper article was ready? Hours, days, a whole month.

In three months newspaper volunteering, she gained pace while writing. She also lost her fear of the printed matter. One of the editors-in-chief told her at the end that she was the first volunteer who have written so many articles in a month, earning so much in line honorary. 

Journalistic writing was for her the longer the easier. Wording and building nice sentences were no longer an issue. However, the claim to write as clearly as possible became her first concern. Now, she saw her role to translate complicated topics in a clear and understandable way.

«Léonard and Loulou», the first children’s book, was created without violent birth pains. A translator for the English version and a translator for the French version, a graphic designer and a printing company were quickly found. The self-publication label SWISS MADE STORY was proud of its first publication.

Esther Bürki’s goal was to find a real publisher for her book, and she found it in New York. «Leonard and Loulou» was published by Morgan James in 2019 and is sold in the bookstores in the US, Canada, Australia and England.

The story of the boy Leonard and the little cat Loulou got its sequel in the book «Leonard and Lea», which was published in 2020.

She likes to share her great know-how in writing and publishing books. Her inspiring and supportive attitude is very much appreciated by her clients.

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If you don’t have PayPal, let her know in the question/remark field below. You’ll be receiving her bank details.