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  It has been a lake, an evening and a warm summer night. My boys and me enjoyed this moment. We three felt secure, fearless and careless. There were just a few birds talking before going to sleep. And us three looking at the twilight sky. The picture records the moment and my feelings. Fortunately, […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 11

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7.15 a.m. in the living-room before school Big boy:         “Why are you crying?” Little boy:     “I didn’t do my housework…” Big boy:         “But is this so bad?” Little boy:     “I’ll get a red point as punishment.” Big boy:         “Well…that’s not this bad.” Little boy:     “I’ve already one red point…” Big […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 9

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7.37 a.m. before leaving for school Big boy:         “Can I borrow your headphones again?” Little boy:     “Why don’t you take yours?” Big boy:         “They’re broken. Can I?” Little boy:     “No, I don’t give them.” Big boy:         “Oh, come on!” Little boy:     “You’re always breaking my things.” Big boy:         “No, this isn’t […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 7

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7.05 p.m. in the kitchen Big boy:         “Good morning, my sweet little brother.” Little boy:     “Mm…” Big boy:         “Come to me, I’d like to give you a kiss.” Little boy:     “What’s going on?” Big boy:         “Why?” Little boy:     “You’re never in such a good mood.” Big boy:         “Aren’t you happy when […]

Sweet VIP box

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  “Mom, where did you put my swimming suit? Where did you put my wooden gun and my fishing net?” Every half a day, I’m looking for something I put away a few days ago or more. Two teenagers drop a lot of items at places where they’re not meant to be. And one has […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 6

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5.15 p.m. on a Saturday Big boy:         “I’m bored. Let’s do something.” Little boy:     “I’m busy now. I’m playing with my Legos?” Big boy:         “Can I play with you?” Little boy:     “No, you’re always disturbing me.” Big boy:         “Come on. I want to play with you.” Little boy:     “Don’t touch my Legos.” […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 5

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7.31 p.m. at the breakfast table: Big boy:         “Who is your best friend at school?” Little boy:     “I don’t have one, I have several?” Big boy:         “But if you have to choose one?” Little boy:     “Oh, this is difficult. I like many.” Big boy:         “Come on. If you have to choose right now!” […]

Enjoying the moment

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  Spending two days in an Indian train might be unimaginable for Swiss people, and this with two kids who like to move every minute. But no worries! There is so much going on in such a train: So many different people getting in and out, so many sellers of various sweets, drinks or different […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 4

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Dinner table at 18.31 p.m. Big boy:         “Which movie shall we watch tonight?” Little boy:     “Do you think Mom will allow us this?” Big boy:         “Sure. She already agreed.” Little boy:     “I didn’t hear it.” Big boy:         “She will certainly say yes. I know.” Little boy:     “Last week-end she said: no movies […]