Talking like a fish

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First, he didn’t want to talk. He was three years old when the doctor asked me rather worried whether he was talking at all. I didn’t notice much his incapability because he was the first child. We had to see a speech therapist every week. My boy didn’t like it too much but he went […]

Dreaming of dogs and cats

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While taking this picture of my younger son today, I remembered when I was his age; and we had summer vacation. I felt so happy and free of all school stuff. I spent some weeks with my grandmother and was playing all day long with my cousins. Only at mealtime, I had to go home […]

Kids change your thinking

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  The point of view changes when you have kids. I didn’t want to recognize for a long time because I didn’t want to feel different than people without kids. When I didn’t have kids yet, there were two points of reference: my parents and myself. Since I am a mother, there are three points […]

Time stood still

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  Normally, he is talking like a waterfall. But then, he was lying there. The little surgical intervention with a general anesthesia went well. I sat at his bed and waited until he woke up. I was looking at his chest, following his breathing. I was looking at his face during hours, studying his little […]


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  Clouds are like humans or humans are like clouds. Some are attracting each other like in the picture and some try to stay away from each other. Today, my younger boy and me met a doctor at the children hospital and felt both the same way very attracted to this young woman. She explained […]

Orange trousers

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When you have to start your day with a discussion about orange trousers, I guess you have pubescent teenagers in your household, too. If you don’t live with kids, I guess you imagine this discussion rather funny. But I tell you: it is not funny at all. Big boy puts on his younger brother’s trousers […]


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  Fortunately, my two boys are rather bright. Even too bright when I want them to spend less time on their computers or smartphones and when I want to lock them for a certain time. They are hiding their machines telling me totally innocently they haven’t seen them for a while. But it is great […]