Flexible mind

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    Three years ago, Ramesh was selling his beautiful stone carved statues and buddhas. One year later, he was running a yoga school, and this year, besides giving his daily yoga classes, he is earning money with a little resort in a marvelous garden – together with a friend. For me, he symbolizes flexibility, […]

Never too old to travel

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    I met her again: the 92 year-old Swiss lady Pia Steiner. She was still on the road on her own, and we had a nice India dinner and an even more interesting conversation together. I could hardly believe that she still didn’t have any other companion than herself during her stay in India […]


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    Spending time with friends is very important. Feeling connected brings warmth into life. Sometimes, you don’t feel very close to certain friends, but you still like them. Sometimes, your friend’s life changes so much that you don’t have much in common. This feels strange and it bothers me. Sometimes, it feels okay that […]


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    Planting a tree is something special. It is like taking the decision to build a house or finishing the studies at university. It feels exciting. The new tree is a sweetgum and shall mark the beginning of a new period, hopefully a sweet one. Our sweetgum will be watching us every day through […]


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    Sometimes, you know exactly where you’re going. You see the light just in front of you. Sometimes, you don’t know where it shall be going. It feels uncomfortable. You wish to change but you do not succeed. Sometimes, you know it must be changing the sooner or later because it doesn’t feel the […]

From ancient times

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    I saw her at the Navratri Festival in Bangalore and was fascinated by the expression on her face. It seemed to me as if she doesn’t have any age or even as if her mind comes from ancient times. Sometimes, people don’t look like their age. I met children who had a look […]

Like magic

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    Sometimes it seems to appear out of the nowhere. I am at the right time on the right spot and I suddenly catch a moment in life, which won’t come back. This happened yesterday. Wandering around in the middle of Zurich, I discovered these magic bubbles. I would have liked to shout at […]

Perfect reflection

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    Beauty comes from the heart. This doesn’t work with a peacock. It is perfect by nature. Human beings need more to reach this beauty. They are struggling with themselves, by aiming at being perfect. They get frustrated because it doesn’t work. You can see it in their faces and in their movements. The […]