After the one-day workshop «Touch Children's Hearts – Write your Children's Book»

 «Dear Esther, thank you so much for this very inspiring
and thought-provoking day! I got down to work right away...»

Irene Wiesendanger
always wanted to start writing her children's book.

«Esther Bürki encourages me to publish more manuscripts today»

 «Esther Bürki has helped me to publish myprofessional memoirs.
It was a project that I had postponed since a long time, even though it was very close to my heart.

 After our first meeting and thorough review of my complete manuscript, we worked closely together to develop a first version, which Esther Bürki subsequently transformed into a mature printing work, always taking into account my wishes regarding design, content and message.

I am very grateful to her for her support not only in a technical point of view, but also for the consideration of my emotional side as an author, in particular in terms of the presentation as a whole. Esther Bürki is encouraging me to publish more manuscripts today.»

E. A. Sch.
got professional help in publishing her book.

«I was always looking forward to the coaching sessions with Esther Bürki»

«I didn’t have any knowledge about social media before.

Esther Bürki worked through all my difficulties with me, step by step, and gave me insight into all the various social media platforms.

Today, I can discuss the topic of social media with others and I am up-to-date with the existing platforms. Esther Bürki has also managed to give me access to social media in a very competent and pleasurable way. I was always looking forward to our coaching sessions.
She knew perfectly well how to grasp my needs and implement them professionally. Esther Bürki also supported me with great commitment and creativity. With her benevolent manner, she has always addressed all my questions and concerns and has always found constructive and individual solutions».
Bettina Vilsmeier
absolved a social media training.

«Esther Bürki is very creative, innovative and very professional»

Thomas Merz, business transformation expert,
Merz & Partners Int., Geneva, needed a series of videos about his company for his website
and Linkedin profile.