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Our first illustrated children’s book is ready to be sent to you:

«Leonard and Loulou»

in English, German and French

Watch the video to get to know more about the book!


Here is the beginning of the story «Leonard and Loulou»:

The sun was peeping through the windowpane when Leonard woke up to find a small cat sitting next to him on his bed.

„Where do you come from?“, Leonard asked.

„My cat mother told me to come to see you because you need me“, said the small cat.

„What’s your name?”, asked Leonard.

„My mother always calls me Loulou. I don’t really know what it means, but I like the name“, the small cat said.

„Then I’ll call you Loulou as well“, Leonard said.

„What are you going to do today?“, Loulou asked.

„Sadly, I have to go to school but I’m scared“, said Leonard.

„Why are you scared”, Loulou asked.

„I’m scared that I’m not good enough at school“, Leonard said. „My friends are so much better than me.“

„Oh, you poor thing. You know what? I’ll come with you…!“, Loulou said.

„But how can I explain to my teacher that you’d like to sit in the classroom too, and besides, how am I going to explain to my mother why you’re here?“

„Don’t worry. None of this is a problem“, Loulou said….


«Leonard and Loulou» with the wonderful illustrations by a Bulgarian artist wants to make children’s eyes sparkle and to become the favorite book of young and old, parents and adults who are taking care of 5 to 10 year old boys and girls.

«Leonard and Loulou» is a special book about the recurrent theme SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS and MOBBING AT SCHOOL.

Leonard, the boy in the story, doesn’t want to go to school because his classmates are always bulling him. He is taken by Loulou to the cat’s world and learns how it is to be taken seriously. He becomes the master of the cats and dogs and teaches them how human beings are thinking, feeling and acting. Encouraged and plenty of self-consciousness, Leonard goes back home.

This story about a magical transformation is written for parents and adults to help them to talk with their children about feelings like NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH AT SCHOOL or similar situations like GETTING BULLIED and REFUSING TO GO TO SCHOOL.

By hearing this story, children realize that they are not alone with these feelings and they start talking about them.

And there is nothing more beautiful than to read a book to children and look at the images before going to bed. In addition, they will love the touching pictures of sweet cats and dogs.

«Leonard and Loulou» is a book about feelings which don’t have enough space in our today’s world and which we could express much more often. Couldn’t we?


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