“Write a really great book with Esther”

“… even when I am really not in a good mood, Esther brings me with her heart warmth again on track and when I lose myself in the small things and on the writing road, Esther structures the story with me, because she can do it super well, take both, the reader’s perspective and my perspective, so my story will be perfect. Esther is a very unique person and she always warms my heart, my soul and also my spirit.”

Inez-Maria Birkholz writes her book with Esther’s six-month book-writing coaching program.

«It is like magic»

“I have discovered the ease of writing and now know how to write in the flow. I also discovered my own creativity and creativeness through writing, and I have experienced deep healing of my past through writing.  

I recommend Esther from the bottom of my heart to anyone who has repeatedly postponed his dream of writing a book.

Esther is a loving expert with a big heart who sets exactly the right impulses for you at the right moment. Her huge knowledge and intuition deserve my absolute trust. She is an excellent motivator and always has the right tip for you, no matter where you’re personally or with writing.”

Denise Schenk writes her book with Esther’s six-month book-writing coaching program (watch her testimonial in German)

«Esther feels exactly what I need»

 “It has always been my great wish to start writing. But I didn’t dare at all. Thanks to Esther, a wonderful way of writing opened up to me.

When I feel my writing blockages, Esther takes me by the hand and helps me with an incredible ease.

She feels exactly what I need and how I can get back into the writing flow. Writing takes me extremely far, it’s such an exciting process.

It is definitely no coincidence that I got to know Esther. She had to come into my life, so I can now realize my big dream. I’m so grateful.”

Daniela Aberli, policewoman, Pilates coach, and owner of Training Urdorf, www.onlinepilates.ch and www.trainingurdorf.ch, writes her book with Esther’s six-month book-writing coaching program.

«Meeting you is a gift »

 “There are no coincidences. Meeting you is a gift. Thanks so much for these valuable workshop hours with you. With your calm way you know how to motivate others. You listen and empathize with your counterpart. Your appreciation and inputs have encouraged me to start writing my life story. Being able to count on your help, motivates me even more. Despite your calm being, I feel the power woman in you, who works very professionally. Thank you, I’ll stick to it.”

Brigitte C., Expert for adult education, after having attended the workshop «Write your book in 6 months».

«Esther’s expertise is highly valuable»

“Esther brings a lot enthusiasm in what she does and shows great professionalism.
Her expertise is highly valuable and I felt confident she was the best person to address my project.
She definitely has the ability to step into my mind and guide me throughout the creation of my book: visualizing my story, turning ideas into words, giving an emotional dimension to the characters and scenes.
All of this without altering the essence of my story.
She was careful and always ensured the outcome was genuinely reflecting my initial purpose.
Last but not least, the working atmosphere Esther offers is peaceful and luminous which is ideal to spend a whole day with her and stimulate my imagination.
I am grateful for the interaction Esther and I had, I feel very inspired for the next steps to take and I look forward to meeting her again to pursue wholeheartedly my author journey!”

Jeannine Courvoisier always dreamt about doing what she is passionate about since a child: drawing and writing her own children’s book. She attended the workshop “Touch Children’s Hearts – Write your Children’s Book”.

«Esther is very authentic, loving and hearty»

“I wrote my first story with Esther Bürki for my video series. The day with her motivated me a lot to keep on writing. Also, this workshop made me feel like, “hey, there’s someone who is supporting you, and you’re not alone any more”. Esther is very authentic, loving and hearty. You can feel her heartbreak in supporting people along the way. The support, in my view, even goes much further than Esther would actually have to. She keeps thinking of all, gives valuable inputs, and so it feels like you’re no longer alone with your project. Even though, after a day, the workshop is through, I feel Esther’s support will continue. I’m very grateful for this day and this super experience. Thank you very much, Esther!”

Mellina Zimmermann, Life Coach and EFT Therapist, needed support in creating her storyboard for her animated Children’s videos and attended the workshop “Touch Children’s Hearts – Write your Children’s Book”.

“Dear Esther, thank you so much for this very inspiring and thought-provoking day! I got down to work right away…”

Irene Wiesendanger always wanted to start writing her children’s book and took the workshop “Touch Children’s Hearts – Write your Children’s Book”.

«Esther encourages me to publish more»

 “Esther Bürki has helped me to publish myprofessional memoirs.
It was a project that I had postponed since a long time, even though it was very close to my heart.

After our first meeting and thorough review of my complete manuscript, we worked closely together to develop a first version, which Esther Bürki subsequently transformed into a mature printing work, always taking into account my wishes regarding design, content and message.

I am very grateful to her for her support not only in a technical point of view, but also for the consideration of my emotional side as an author, in particular in terms of the presentation as a whole. Esther Bürki is encouraging me to publish more manuscripts today.”

E. A. Sch. got professional help with her manuscript before publishing her book.

«I was always looking forward to the coaching sessions»

“I didn’t have any knowledge about social media before. Esther Bürki worked through all my difficulties with me, step by step, and gave me insight into all the various social media platforms. Today, I can discuss the topic of social media with others and I am up-to-date with the existing platforms. Esther Bürki has also managed to give me access to social media in a very competent and pleasurable way. I was always looking forward to our coaching sessions.
She knew perfectly well how to grasp my needs and implement them professionally. Esther Bürki also supported me with great commitment and creativity. With her benevolent manner, she has always addressed all my questions and concerns and has always found constructive and individual solutions”.

Bettina Vilsmeier absolved a social media training.

«Esther is very creative, innovative and very professional»

Thomas Merz, Business Transformation Expert, Merz & Partners, Geneva, needed a series of videos about his company for his website and Linkedin profile.