Living Without Fear

Are you challenged with fear, anxiety, and depression?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live without these feelings?

Living without fear: Is this possible?

Some say, it’s not.

But I think, it’s possible.


Fear holds us back from living in the moment, in the now. When you concentrate on the now when you don’t think of your past experiences, and when you don’t think of the future, you’re living in the present moment, and in the present moment, there is no fear.

Feelings of fear and anxiety are always connected with the past or the future. When you’re afraid that the same thing from the past could happen in the future, you’re stuck in those negative feelings.

If you concentrate on just the moment you’re living in, if you concentrate on being alive and on what you have, even if it isn’t much, you free yourself from these feelings of fear and anxiety about the future.

Try it out! Fear will disappear.

People from 76 countries have already been listening to my podcast over 6000 times, and I hope that even more people will be listening and taking my thoughts into their day in order to suffer less.  

I know how it is: suffering. I suffered so much.

Living without fear, pain, and suffering is such a relief.

5 Keys To Increasing Your Self-Esteem

You want helpful steps to work on your fears and your self-confidence.

I’ve put together the 5 most important keys which helped me to get rid of not feeling good enough and being scared to take action.

Whenever you have questions, let me know!

Get the 5 Keys To Increasing Your Self-Esteem here.

Get Help To Overcome Your Fear

Do you want to learn how to start living without pain and suffering and improve the quality of your life and do the things you always dreamt of?

Together we will work on your mindset!

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PS. LIVING WITHOUT FEAR is also the title of my book, which you can order on Amazon in English and German.

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During the lockdown in April 2020, I started the podcast with episodes on topics like: How can I feel comfortable or even great during uncertain times?

I realized that I had even more to give. I started talking about self-confidence, self-love, self-worth, joy, gratitude, etc. The list got much longer since.

The Success You Deserve

I was listening to so many successful people and I always heard their message: In order to be successful, do what you like, and you will become successful. I thought this might be true for others, but I already tried many, many things and it didn’t work out for me. Does this resonate with you?

Reset Your Program – Find Positivity

I know there are days when all seems grey and hopeless. This was maybe yesterday. But today it’s a new day and today, you can restart and reset your mind. So, let’s do it.

Why Always Me?

Have you been asking yourself: why did this happen to me? Didn’t I already have enough challenges? Why always me?

How To Love Yourself More

How can you learn day by day to give yourself more love and the value you really deserve?

How To Focus On Yourself

Do you often feel tired even when you didn’t do much during your day? Learn how it helps and how it gives you certainty when you focus on yourself first and not on others.

Don’t give up

Have you had moments in your life, when all seemed senseless and you wanted to give up, or you even did give up? I know exactly how this feels. I have experienced these moments so many times already. Believe me! I wanted to give up, I even wanted to give up my life, because I felt I was trying so hard and struggling so much and never making it to the point I wanted to reach.

Feeling Not Good Enough

How can you overcome the feeling of being not good enough? How can this help you to push yourself to do the things you always wanted to do?

Improve Your Happiness Index

What is happiness for you? When do you experience moments of total happiness? How can you improve your happiness index and how important this can be for your daily life? 

How To Trust Your Inner Voice

How important is it to listen to our inner voice and trust it and dare to act according to what this voice is telling us to do?

Overcoming Overwhelming Feelings

How can you overcome and take control of overwhelming feelings? How is it possible to change into a positive state of mind?

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