For 7- to 10-year-old girls and boys, Leonard and Lea is written in both English and German with 12 wonderfully colored illustrations and precious hard cover edition.

After the first story about Leonard and his cat Loulou, the second children’s book “Leonard and Lea”is going to be published soon.

It is a continuation of the first story, but completely independent.

The Bulgarian artist Teodora Puncheva made again the wonderful illustrations.

The book tells, how Leonard is teased at school for being friends with his new classmate Lea. Like him, Lea is an outsider.

Together, they experience how the cat Loulou and the dog Lo help them to become more self-confident.

The book’s themes are again bullying, self-confidence, feelings and relationships with cats and dogs.

The pre-sale starts here. There will be 50 very SPECIAL COPIES, numbered, signed by the author and personalized with your dedication.

Price: CHF 100* incl. shipping and a great gift packaging

* Of this amount, 5 francs will go to the Swiss non-profit organization TISCHLEIN DECK DICH. Since 1999, they have been saving high-quality food from being thrown away and they distribute it to people affected by poverty in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

You can order a normal copy of “Leonard and Lea”.
Price: CHF 45 + CHF 10 for shipping and packaging.



Publishing a book is like being pregnant and giving birth to a child. “Leonard and Loulou”, my first children’s book, is like a child who is taking me on a journey I never thought it would exist.

I had sent the German manuscript to several publishing houses in Switzerland, and guess, nobody wanted to take it. I was sad at the time I got these answers. Today, I am happy that it worked out for me like that.

End of October 2017, I decided to put the book on the Swiss crowd founding platform called wemakeit to raise some money to print the book in Switzerland. And I was so excited to see how the money came in because 34 of my dear friends decided to support me. Thanks so much again.

“3000 Swiss Francs should do it to print some hundred of copies of my book”, I thought. To find a printing office took me a long time. I asked at least 10 printing offices to get an offer. I always wanted to have a nice hard cover with a solid binding because the book should be resistant to a lot of hands to be touched by and to get handed over to the next generation.  How I love my children’s books, which I looked at as a child and I could look at again with my two boys now!

As a multicultural being, having studied French, English and German, I wanted to start with the book in three languages. Again, my friends are so wonderful. They translated the story into English (Marlyse Treichler) and French (Jacques Roch, the father of my two boys), and another friend (Cornelia Schmidt), who has her own translation office (I can give you her address because she’s got no website), lectured it. Thanks a lot to you all!

The very beautiful layout was made up by my neighbor, Adrian Ochsner and Printed Matter. Thanks, Adrian! 

Last but not least, also many thanks to my friend Kiril Charov (Swiss-Bulgarian doctor and artist) who found the great Bulgarian illustrator Teodora Dimitrova. She invented the main characters, my boy Léonard and our cat Loulou according to the pictures she got from us. Thanks to her, the book has been published. Before, Kiril had found another illustrator who didn’t fit at all to the story, and I nearly stopped my project to publish the story because I couldn’t imagine the book with other illustrations than they are now.



“The book is beautiful. The topic bullying is very important, and the way this topic is presented is very appealing and will certainly help many children AND adults.”
Elisabeth Dancet, mother, CFO assistant

“Our 11-year-old was sick and awake early. I gave him
the book, and he read it through in one go: Dad, he said, this is a funny story… and very beautiful!”
Thomas Friday, Coach MindMove

“I like the story because it is about a problem that young and old human beings know as well as Léonard: Not to be sufficient and to lose confidence in themselves. Clever animals are helping in this loving story. The dogs and cats, for their part, learn from Léonard how difficult it is often for humans to show feelings and confidence. The crafty cat Loulou has an idea…”
Esther Bachmann, photographer,

“The book is so touching and loving! I feel like I’ve met Léonard in person. Congratulations! It is so wonderful when people create things that speak directly from their hearts and touch other hearts.”
Annette Golaz, editor and photographer,



“Writing has always been her thing,” writes the Swiss Newspaper about the children’s author
Esther Bürki from Winterthur, who invented the story of Leonard and Loulou when her younger son no longer wanted to go to school. He wanted to stay home with his little cat. He didn’t want to talk to his classmates, because he always felt that they were much better than him and that’s why he felt ashamed of himself.


On a cold day in January, all chairs were occupied at the Bechandra bistro in Elgg.
Not only small visitors had come to listen to the story about the boy Leonard and his cat Loulou, but also older people sat in the audience and were pleased that the author Esther Bürki paid a visit to her village and read from her children’s book. The story contains a deeper meaning that also encourages and touches adults to think about it.


When the School Buchwald in St. Gallen celebrated its 100th anniversary, Esther Bürki read from her first book and discussed with the school girls and boys not only about the different languages of cats and dogs, but also talked about how it feels to be teased by colleagues or how it feels when you think you are not good enough compared to others.