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For 6- to 10-year-old girls and boys, Leonard and Lea is written in English and German and has 12 wonderfully colored illustrations.

Do you know a sensitive child? Get this book for her or him. After the first story about the boy Leonard and his cat Loulou, the second children’s book “Leonard and Lea” is even more beautiful to look at and the story about bullying at school is also more touching and intensive.

Even though, the continuation is completely independent from the first volume.

The book tells the story how Leonard is being teased at school for being friends with his new classmate Lea. Like him, Lea is an outsider.

Together, they experience how the cat Loulou and the dog Lo help them to become more self-confident.

The book’s themes are again bullying, self-confidence, feelings and relationships with cats and dogs.

The Bulgarian artist and art professor Teodora Puncheva created again more than a dozen wonderful illustrations in A4 format.


For 6- to 10-year-old girls and boys, Leonard and Loulou is available in 3 languages with 12 wonderfully colored illustrations.

This story about a magical transformation is written for parents and adults to help them to talk with their children about feelings like not being good enough at school or similar situations like getting bullied and refusing to go to school.

By hearing this story, children realize that they are not alone with these feelings and they start talking about them. And there is nothing more beautiful for adults than to read this inspiring book to children and look at the images of sweet cats and dogs with them.

You and your children will be loving Leonard and Loulou, a book about feelings which don’t have enough space in our today’s world and which we could express more often. Couldn’t we?

Léonard’s story is also a little bit the author’s own story – who often felt not being good enough. But it’s as well her son’s story, who didn’t want to go to school because of his feelings of inferiority.

The book has already touched a lot of children’s and adult’s hearts.

The American Publishing House, Morgan James K!DS, from New York bought the rights to publish a soft cover version, which is available in many online stores around the world.


“The book is beautiful. The topic bullying is very important, and the way this topic is presented is very appealing and will certainly help many children AND adults.”
Elisabeth Dancet, mother, CFO assistant

“Our 11-year-old was sick and awake early. I gave him the book, and he read it through in one go: Dad, he said, this is a funny story… and very beautiful!”
Thomas Friday, Coach MindMove

“I like the story because it is about a problem that young and old human beings know as well as Léonard: Not to be sufficient and to lose confidence in themselves. Clever animals are helping in this loving story. The dogs and cats, for their part, learn from Léonard how difficult it is often for humans to show feelings and confidence. The crafty cat Loulou has an idea…”
Esther Bachmann, photographer,

“The book is so touching and loving! I feel like I’ve met Léonard in person. Congratulations! It is so wonderful when people create things that speak directly from their hearts and touch other hearts.”
Annette Golaz, editor and photographer,


Loulou & Loupi, written by Esther Buerki, published by SWISS MADE STORY
This photo book tells the story about the cat Loulou and her four kittens, including Loupi, a white male with a black tail, with 45 touching pictures.

If son Léonard had not been, Loulou would not have existed, and without Loulou there would not have been my children’s books “Leonard and Loulou” and “Leonard and Lea”.

The calico cat Loulou came to us as a three-month old kitten. Since we wanted to have kittens, we didn’t let her to be neutered at first. On my blog, I describe how lovingly Léonard cared for his cat and how he didn’t have time for his homework.

Before Loulou turned one year old, she was already pregnant and gave birth to four beautiful black and white males. How all this happened and how it came that Loupi, the white male with black tail, stayed with us, I tell in this photo book with 30 full-format pictures.

The very short, simply written texts are in English or German. A lot of English is not needed to understand the story.

Order the book “Loulou & Loupi” on Amazon as a paperback version or an ebook.

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Price: approx. USD 18 (use your local Amazon page, UK, US, to avoid shipping costs)

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