Conversation between brothers: Scene 22

Conversation between brothers

Conversation between brothers: Scene 22

4.10 p.m. on a holiday afternoon

Big boy:        “Who is your girl-friend?”

Little boy:    “I don’t have any girl-friend.”

Big boy:        “What? Are you sure?”

Little boy:    “Sure enough.”

Big boy:        “But who’s writing you messages?”

Little boy:    “You’re so curious.”

Big boy:        “Tell me!”

Little boy:    “How about your girl-friend?”

Big boy:        “Girl-friend?”

Little boy:    “Yes. Come on!”

Big boy:        “I don’t have. Girls are all b…!”

Little boy:    “I don’t believe you.”

Big boy:        “You know my school mates.”

Little boy:    “What’s wrong with them?”

Big boy:        “They behave in such a daffy way.”

Little boy:    “I know…”

Big boy:        “I cannot stand it.”

Little boy:    “I’m glad. The girls of my class are different.”

Big boy:        “Wait… they’ll soon be the same way.”

Little boy:    “O my god!”

Big boy:        “And they always stick together…”

Little boy:    “Yes… I saw them during the break.”

Big boy:        “I cannot talk to them any more.”

Little boy:    “Fortunately, we’re boys…”

Big boy:        “Oh… yes!”






Why not?


Why not?

She’s 87 years old, our remarkable grandmother, living in Geneva in her tiny apartment.

“Do you play Beaver Gang with me”, asked Big Boy.

“Well, I’ve no idea what this is”, said Grandmother. “But, why not!”

Big Boy explained the game to her. Very quickly like a fast train. One could hardly follow. They started. She didn’t know what to do, but she kept on, always smiling.

“Now, you have to look at this card and exchange it with this one”, Big Boy tried to help, with a big smile on his face, too. Little Boy followed, amused as well.

She didn’t give up, played until the very end of the game. Big and Little Boy contributed their part to the successful ending.

“What a funny game”, Grandmother concluded, although she didn’t understand all.

The Boys wouldn’t have noticed what Grandmother has told me: It’s worth to say more “why not” instead of “no”.



Happy kite, happy day


Happy kite, happy day


Why do we think so much? Why do we worry so much?

It’s a bright day, and we are standing on our two legs. We’re smiling. We don’t think about what will be in the future and what has been in the past.

We’re feeling alive. We enjoy being here. Our kite is flying high.

Our jeans have got a hole, but we don’t care.

We’re talking to the crows wishing them a good flight.

Make a wish, and it will come true.


Christmas present for mom



Christmas present for mom

I don’t feel old, but this memory dates from 43 years ago. A long time.

I could hardly wait until my mom opened my Christmas present. I was so proud of it. The thing I made at school. I had been working on it for hours.

When I brought it home after the last school day, I had to hide it until the Christmas Eve. A very long time.
And I hear my mom under the Christmas tree: “Oh, this is wonderful. You made this?” I was so happy for hours.

When little boy came home two days ago, we couldn’t eat until he had wrapped his thing from school and he could hand it out to me.

I unwrapped it very, very slowly looking many times into little boys’ eyes gathering his pride and happiness.

This moment will stay in my memory, too. Forever.

I’m so happy.


Cat harmony_swissmadestory


It takes quite a while to get along.
When I think of the two cats, it took four months until I could take this picture just two days ago.
They didn’t like each other very much at the beginning.

Couldn’t it be the same with humans?
It doesn’t have to be something like a firework while coming across a new person – at school, at work, in courses, with new neighbors.
It could take time, a lot of time,
Days, weeks, months, and years.
Do I have this time?
Am I patient enough?
Can I wait until I get the permission to enter the new person’s territory – slowly, but steadily?

The two cats showed me: it works.




Fox on visit

Fox on visit

Eight o’clock in the morning. Working on my computer, I had a look outside.

He was sitting there, in my garden. Quietly. Looking around.

He cleaned himself like a cat.

He watched the cars passing by.

And then, he disappeared.

I don’t know where.

And I wonder what was the purpose of his visit.






Conversation between brothers: Scene 21

Conversation between brothers


Conversation between brothers: Scene 21

12.10 a.m. after school

Big boy:        “Did you bring home my things from school?”
Little boy:    “No!”
Big boy:        “What? You didn’t?”
Little boy:    “Yes. Why should I?”
Big boy:        “But we agreed you take my homework.”
Little boy:    “Yes, but you also left your sports cloths with your whole bag.”
Big boy:        “So, what did you bring home?”
Little boy:    “Just your folder with your homework.”
Big boy:        “Come on. This isn’t true.”
Little boy:    “Sure. It is.”
Big boy:        “You won’t allow you to play your game on my computer.”
Little boy:    “But, we agreed this morning.”
Big boy:        “But, you didn’t bring home my things.”
Little boy:    “Sure, just one folder. Nothing else.”
Big boy:        “So, you’ll get it at school for me.”
Little boy:    “No. I won’t. What do you think?”
Big boy:        “You have to… !”
Little boy:    “Not in my dreams…!”
Big boy:        “You won’t get my computer.”
Little boy:    “You promised me.”
Big boy:        “It’s your fault.”
Little boy:    “You’re so mean.”
Big boy:        “You are mean…!”
Little boy:    “No… you!”
Big boy:        “No… you!”
Mom:             “What’s going on?”











Conversation between brothers: Scene 20

Conversation between brothers


Conversation between brothers: Scene 20

12.15 a.m. after school


Little boy:    “I didn’t take your stuff.”
Big boy:        “What?”
Little boy:    “You put your school folder under my jacket.”
Big boy:        “I didn’t want to take it with me.”
Little boy:    “I saw it. But I left it at school.”
Big boy:        “There is my homework in it.”
Little boy:    “I don’t want to be your servant.”
Big boy:        “Don’t you understand?”
Little boy:    “What?”
Big boy:        “I had to go to town.”
Little boy:    “So what? This isn’t my problem.”
Big boy:        “Don’t you understand?”
Little boy:    “You could ask me first.”
Big boy:        “I didn’t think of it. I forgot.”
Little boy:    “It’s already the second time.”
Big boy:        “I was in a hurry.”
Little boy:    “I don’t care.”
Big boy:        “I can’t do my homework.”
Little boy:    “So what?”
Big boy:        “Mom, he’s so mean.”









Conversation between brothers: Scene 19

Conversation between brothers

Conversation between brothers: Scene 19


7.35 p.m. before school


Little boy: “Mom, he’s insulting me.”
Big boy: “Oh… you’ve got such a bad breath.”
Little boy: “Shut up.”
Big boy: “Don’t touch me.”
Little boy: “Stop…”
Big boy: “He’s beating me without a reason.”
Little boy: “Oh… poor you!”
Big boy: “Mom, tell him to stop.”
Little boy: “Who started first?
Big boy: “You started first!”
Little boy: “No, you were standing in my way.”
Big boy: “Oh… poor you.”
Little boy: “Mom, he’s so mean to me.”
Big boy: “Oh… tell Mom, poor kid.”
Little boy: “You’re such a pain in my a…!”
Mom: “Stoppppp…. it’s time to prepare for school.”


Content is queen


Content is queen

Being creative is a wonderful thing. Being creative in a group is even more inspiring.

The Swiss journalist Dave Hertig invented and sponsors the “Content Day” where journalists, editors, marketing and event managers gather in the old town of Zurich.

During this day, I worked on my own projects. I finished and published for example my client’s new website, I published the daily content for my other client Almo Nature and its website, Facebook and Twitter account and I continued the work for the third client who will soon come out with his professional hearing aid app for Android smartphones.

But the most inspiring thing during this day was the discussions on the roof of the house with the other creative people. We argued about the quality of texts today and 20 years ago, we discussed the pro and contra of publishing secret things and we exchanged funny stories of daily life as self-employed workers.

And last but not least, I appreciated very much the 1-minute presentations. Every hour, we stopped our own activity and listened to one of the participants and his or her ideas: one nice example is the creation of sustainable shirts for men.

Summa summarum: My first “Content Day” has been an enriching experience to my 80 days as an independent content manager.

Thanks, Dave… for all this and for your picture.