Conversation between brothers: Scene 15

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5.12 p.m. after school Big boy:         “Why are you so late from school?” Little boy:     “Am I late?” Big boy:         “It’s 10 past 5 and your school finished at 4.20.” Little boy:     “No, it was 4.30.” Big boy:         “No. It’s always 4.20.” Little boy:     “Okay… I had to walk back […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 12

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3.40 p.m. in the living-room after school Little boy:     “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Big boy:         “Hmm… (sobbing).” Little boy:     “What happened?” Big boy:         “Well… two class mates wanted to beat me?” Little boy:     “Just like this?” Big boy:         “No, because I’m talking too much to E…” Little boy:     […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 11

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7.15 a.m. in the living-room before school Big boy:         “Why are you crying?” Little boy:     “I didn’t do my housework…” Big boy:         “But is this so bad?” Little boy:     “I’ll get a red point as punishment.” Big boy:         “Well…that’s not this bad.” Little boy:     “I’ve already one red point…” Big […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 10

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  7.20 p.m. in the car after shopping   Little boy:     “…you still owe me a new gun.” Big boy:         “It wasn’t my fault that it’s broken.” Little boy:     “Who’s fault is it then?” Big boy:         “I don’t’ have any money.” Little boy:     “Why…?” Big boy:         “I already owe Dad 50 […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 9

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7.37 a.m. before leaving for school Big boy:         “Can I borrow your headphones again?” Little boy:     “Why don’t you take yours?” Big boy:         “They’re broken. Can I?” Little boy:     “No, I don’t give them.” Big boy:         “Oh, come on!” Little boy:     “You’re always breaking my things.” Big boy:         “No, this isn’t […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 7

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7.05 p.m. in the kitchen Big boy:         “Good morning, my sweet little brother.” Little boy:     “Mm…” Big boy:         “Come to me, I’d like to give you a kiss.” Little boy:     “What’s going on?” Big boy:         “Why?” Little boy:     “You’re never in such a good mood.” Big boy:         “Aren’t you happy when […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 6

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5.15 p.m. on a Saturday Big boy:         “I’m bored. Let’s do something.” Little boy:     “I’m busy now. I’m playing with my Legos?” Big boy:         “Can I play with you?” Little boy:     “No, you’re always disturbing me.” Big boy:         “Come on. I want to play with you.” Little boy:     “Don’t touch my Legos.” […]