Loulou & Loupi, written by Esther Buerki, published by SWISS MADE STORY

Books, books and more books

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Writing is my passion, and publishing books becomes it, too, this year. So, watch out! The last publication was the continuation of my beautifully illustrated first children’s book «Leonard and Loulou», which is called «Leonard and Lea». Thanks so much, Teodora Puncheva, for your outstanding illustrations. The newest publication is up on Amazon since today: […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 24

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  Conversation between brothers: Scene 24 1 pm in the kitchen while cleaning the dishes Big boy:        “When did you shower last?”Little boy:     “Why are you asking?”Big boy:        “Well, you smell!”Little boy:     “None of your business!”Big boy:        “And look at your hair style!”Little boy:     “Anything wrong with my hair?”Big […]

Smiling colors

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In Switzerland, everybody with a garden owns one of these dark green, ugly containers. Every week, these containers are being rolled to the street. Every week, the garbage truck takes the green, compostable goods out of these ugly creatures. Everything is so clean and cozy in Switzerland. You cannot believe it before you’ve seen it […]

Different views

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Different views The other day, we’re talking about travelling to India again. Big Boy was rather excited about the idea, Little Boy wasn’t. So, we started discussing, we three, about the good and bad things about spending our vacation in a totally different country than Switzerland. Little Boy told us: “I’d be coming under the […]