Feelings in stock

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Sometimes, pictures express the perfect moment.

Perfect because everything feels all right. It is like a moment of meditation.

I am feeling totally connected to body, mind, and myself and to the outside, dusk and moon.

Fortunately, the picture is stored in my photo library as a proof of this perfect moment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist a library for feelings where I could get quickly a pile of nice feelings during imperfect moments.

Going somewhere

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I am standing here and looking into the future. It is an open space. There are no frontiers; there are no roads.

I am thinking and hoping for bright colors. It is bluish and watery. There are no images; there are no sketches.

I am crying and following my disordered feelings. It is high and deep. There are no structures; there are no traffic lights.

I am writing and knowing nothing.



Between dusk and dawn

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Running to the bus stop this morning, I couldn’t prevent myself from taking a picture in front of our neighbor’s house.

Today’s dawn touched a string in my mind because it reflects my inner world.

There is light at the horizon.

But I don’t fully trust that it will lighten up as the dawn promises it.

Trust needs time.

A lot of time.