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It has been a lake, an evening and a warm summer night.

My boys and me enjoyed this moment.

We three felt secure, fearless and careless.

There were just a few birds talking before going to sleep.

And us three looking at the twilight sky.

The picture records the moment and my feelings.

Fortunately, we’ve got pictures to remember what we easily forget.


Being two

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Having feelings.

Feeling loved.

But there is no space to be.

There is no space for love.

Feeling squeezed.

What stays are memories.

Memories of being in one world.

Having one future.

Being meant for each other.

Being one by two.


Feelings in stock

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Sometimes, pictures express the perfect moment.

Perfect because everything feels all right. It is like a moment of meditation.

I am feeling totally connected to body, mind, and myself and to the outside, dusk and moon.

Fortunately, the picture is stored in my photo library as a proof of this perfect moment.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist a library for feelings where I could get quickly a pile of nice feelings during imperfect moments.