Calling mom: Scene 2

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5.45 p.m. in a restaurant in Venice with their father   Big boy:         “Hi mom, how are you?” Me:                 “Fine. Thanks. How about you?” Big boy:         “Fine. Mom, can you give me the permission for some apps. I want to play some games on my iPod?” Me:                 “Hmmm… you want to […]

Calling mom: Scene 1

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      My two boys are now on a cruise with their father. And I talked to Big Boy on the phone. First thing he told me: “We don’t have Wi-Fi on board. It would cost 18 Euros half an hour. Do you understand, mom? Only for half an hour.” Fortunately, they won’t stay […]

Sweet VIP box

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  “Mom, where did you put my swimming suit? Where did you put my wooden gun and my fishing net?” Every half a day, I’m looking for something I put away a few days ago or more. Two teenagers drop a lot of items at places where they’re not meant to be. And one has […]