Different views

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Different views The other day, we’re talking about travelling to India again. Big Boy was rather excited about the idea, Little Boy wasn’t. So, we started discussing, we three, about the good and bad things about spending our vacation in a totally different country than Switzerland. Little Boy told us: “I’d be coming under the […]


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Grounded I didn’t like being barefoot when I was a child. I had my woolen socks, knitted by my grandmother, and they definitely were my protection against too much life and summer action. I loved spending my free afternoons on my bed reading stories about a courageous woman in Lhasa or an intelligent French lady […]

Birthday wish

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  Some want to have a nice dinner for their birthday; some want to go shopping, and this boy wanted to go swimming in a pool. Swimming pools and India don’t really belong together. But for little boy’s birthday wish, mothers have to make possible everything, even in India. Of course, our little green paradise […]

Sweet VIP box

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  “Mom, where did you put my swimming suit? Where did you put my wooden gun and my fishing net?” Every half a day, I’m looking for something I put away a few days ago or more. Two teenagers drop a lot of items at places where they’re not meant to be. And one has […]

Hot chocolates in Delhi

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  This is India, too. You won’t believe that this picture hasn’t been taken in London, Paris or Rom. And it wasn’t a five star hotel. It was a coffee shop in the quarter of the Tibetan colony in Delhi. How come that this coffee shop knew what is modern art in serving things? I […]

Enjoying the moment

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  Spending two days in an Indian train might be unimaginable for Swiss people, and this with two kids who like to move every minute. But no worries! There is so much going on in such a train: So many different people getting in and out, so many sellers of various sweets, drinks or different […]

Exciting life abroad

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  Returning from India we stopped for a few hours in Abu Dhabi. This airport is a melting pot, which I think is very enriching: you can find so many nationalities, so many ways of dressing and so many different faces. My boys feel very comfortable in such a surrounding. And I hope they will […]

Real friends

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  We didn’t have a lot of space in our friend’s kitchen because it was their living and sleeping room at the same time. But it felt extremely cozy and my boys loved it. Nobody’s kitchen tasted better than Karma’s. Was it because the preparation and cooking took hours while we were talking, playing games, […]