Birthday wish

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  Some want to have a nice dinner for their birthday; some want to go shopping, and this boy wanted to go swimming in a pool. Swimming pools and India don’t really belong together. But for little boy’s birthday wish, mothers have to make possible everything, even in India. Of course, our little green paradise […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 13

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  12.45 a.m. first day of summer vacation Little boy:     “Where is my coffee?” Big boy:         “What…?” Little boy:     “You promised me a cold coffee.” Big boy:         “I beg you pardon.” Little boy:     “Don’t you remember?” Big boy:         “What…?” Little boy:     “For sure. We made a bet and I was […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 5

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7.31 p.m. at the breakfast table: Big boy:         “Who is your best friend at school?” Little boy:     “I don’t have one, I have several?” Big boy:         “But if you have to choose one?” Little boy:     “Oh, this is difficult. I like many.” Big boy:         “Come on. If you have to choose right now!” […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 4

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Dinner table at 18.31 p.m. Big boy:         “Which movie shall we watch tonight?” Little boy:     “Do you think Mom will allow us this?” Big boy:         “Sure. She already agreed.” Little boy:     “I didn’t hear it.” Big boy:         “She will certainly say yes. I know.” Little boy:     “Last week-end she said: no movies […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 2

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Kitchen table at 12.16 p.m.: Big boy:          “Do you have a girlfriend?” Little boy:      “No, thank you.” Big boy:          “Aren’t you in love with J.?” Little boy:      “You’re crazy.” Big boy:          “Come on. Tell me.” Little boy:      “No, leave me in peace.” Big boy:          “But I’m sure about it.” Little boy: […]

Conversation between brothers: Scene 1

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    Bathroom at 6.45 a.m.:  Big boy:          “Why do you look at me this way?” Little boy:      “What’s the problem?” Big boy:          “Stop starring at me.” Little boy:      “Did you get up with the wrong foot?” Big boy:          “You look terrible today.” Little boy:      “You’re in such a bad mood.” Big […]

Motherly love

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  It took me quite a while to realize what it means being a mom. My own mother told me so many times that I’ll be remembering her when I’ll be having my own children. She used to say so when she was upset with me. And as I remember, she was it very often […]

Feeling sorry

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  I feel so bad. We went to the hairdresser today, and as their father always tells the boys to cut their hair shorter, we did it. Little boy is now running around with his winter woolen hat. He is so ashamed of his look. The picture shows the situation “before”, and it will take […]