Fill up energy

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  Fill up energy       I didn’t want to go the Content Production Day by Dave Hertig in Zurich. I was afraid of meeting all the successful Content Managers and feeling very insignificant. Fortunately, I didn’t listen to my feelings but to my intellect. I got so much energy talking to this group […]

Why not?

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Why not? She’s 87 years old, our remarkable grandmother, living in Geneva in her tiny apartment. “Do you play Beaver Gang with me”, asked Big Boy. “Well, I’ve no idea what this is”, said Grandmother. “But, why not!” Big Boy explained the game to her. Very quickly like a fast train. One could hardly follow. […]

Content is queen

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Content is queen Being creative is a wonderful thing. Being creative in a group is even more inspiring. The Swiss journalist Dave Hertig invented and sponsors the “Content Day” where journalists, editors, marketing and event managers gather in the old town of Zurich. During this day, I worked on my own projects. I finished and […]


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Grounded I didn’t like being barefoot when I was a child. I had my woolen socks, knitted by my grandmother, and they definitely were my protection against too much life and summer action. I loved spending my free afternoons on my bed reading stories about a courageous woman in Lhasa or an intelligent French lady […]

Looking for men

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  It was a hot Summer Sunday afternoon. I was sitting at this place, looking at the lake and the mountains. I didn’t have a boyfriend, but I wished to have one. I tried to read a very intelligent book and to have a very intellectual expression on my face. I didn’t concentrate too much […]

The 50+ thin-skinned elephant

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Looking for a job at the age of fifty plus, this is something for thick-skinned creatures. I thought to be one of them, but I was totally wrong. The longer it lasted, the more I lost self-confidence. Everybody told me to believe in myself; everybody was convinced that I would find again a good job. […]