No barriers

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  They play around; they have big fun. The little one grew up in India, the older one in Switzerland. The one speaks Tibetan, the other one Swiss German. Both know a few words in English but not much. The little one is living in a boarding school in Dharamsala, the older goes to a […]

Stored pictures

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  Three weeks in India, four weeks back in Switzerland: four weeks of school, homework, getting up at times when one likes to sleep. Tough times. But there are all the memories of our traveling in India. Memories of rich experiences, of living two days in an Indian train, meeting so many different people, playing […]

A lot of possibilities?

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  Maybe this Indian boy hasn’t seen any Europeans before; maybe he is shy by nature. His father in his traditional dress took him to town to buy a few things. Which world will he be living in in 20 years? Will it be the modern India? Will he be doing the bookkeeping or will […]

Too much sweets

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  Tibetan medicine was completely new to me. But as the Tibetan doctor had his location just one floor below to our Tibetan hotel, we didn’t hesitate to ask for an appointment. Little boy had a health problem, which could have easily turned into a big one without medication. The Tibetan doctor helped very quickly […]

Flexible mind

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    Three years ago, Ramesh was selling his beautiful stone carved statues and buddhas. One year later, he was running a yoga school, and this year, besides giving his daily yoga classes, he is earning money with a little resort in a marvelous garden – together with a friend. For me, he symbolizes flexibility, […]

Five stars noodle soup

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    The best noodle soup we ate at her place. The Tibetan lady had opened her restaurant in New Delhi a few months ago. She cooks while her son takes care of the talking with the people because she doesn’t speak English. Unfortunately, she did not want me to take a picture of her […]

Never too old to travel

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    I met her again: the 92 year-old Swiss lady Pia Steiner. She was still on the road on her own, and we had a nice India dinner and an even more interesting conversation together. I could hardly believe that she still didn’t have any other companion than herself during her stay in India […]

Nothing for fearful people

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Three o’clock in the morning… and we started our third Indian trip, we three of us. Many hands wanted to carry our three suitcases, and even more wanted us to drive to our first destination: Varkala. We decided to take the driver who did not push so much. With the first suitcase, the taxi was […]

Missing passports

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It didn’t start well this time. The Indian Embassy in Berne didn’t approve our photos although we used the same as last year. We had to retake these burglar photos without smiling and looking straight to the camera and sending them again to Berne. And I was so glad when I saw the envelope from […]

From ancient times

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    I saw her at the Navratri Festival in Bangalore and was fascinated by the expression on her face. It seemed to me as if she doesn’t have any age or even as if her mind comes from ancient times. Sometimes, people don’t look like their age. I met children who had a look […]