Conversation between brothers: Scene 7

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7.05 p.m. in the kitchen Big boy:         “Good morning, my sweet little brother.” Little boy:     “Mm…” Big boy:         “Come to me, I’d like to give you a kiss.” Little boy:     “What’s going on?” Big boy:         “Why?” Little boy:     “You’re never in such a good mood.” Big boy:         “Aren’t you happy when […]

Orange trousers

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When you have to start your day with a discussion about orange trousers, I guess you have pubescent teenagers in your household, too. If you don’t live with kids, I guess you imagine this discussion rather funny. But I tell you: it is not funny at all. Big boy puts on his younger brother’s trousers […]


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  When I was a teenager, I used to write down my thoughts in a diary. Those moments were very important to me, lying on me bed and trying to describe how I got along with my parents, teachers and friends. But re-reading my diary after weeks, months or years was even more important to […]

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  Having breakfast in pans   Being a good friend to children means doing things you never wished to do. One thing was camping at 50+. Financial reasons brought us three to the camping site in Italy for two weeks. While all our friends of the past years were living comfortably in their apartments on […]