Loulou & Loupi, written by Esther Buerki, published by SWISS MADE STORY

Books, books and more books

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Writing is my passion, and publishing books becomes it, too, this year. So, watch out! The last publication was the continuation of my beautifully illustrated first children’s book «Leonard and Loulou», which is called «Leonard and Lea». Thanks so much, Teodora Puncheva, for your outstanding illustrations. The newest publication is up on Amazon since today: […]


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I feel so amazed, when I look at my nearly one-year-old cat. This young cat is lying on our sofa without having any fear. The world could go under, but this cat is confident. It feels protected by us humans. Did I ever feel like this in my life? I would say no. Since years […]

Babies grow fast

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Babies grow fast It’s obvious: Babies are growing fast. Humans or cats: it’s the same. And there wasn’t enough time to write about each stadium of getting older. I’m so sorry. I could have told you about these precious moments when they had opened their eyes or when they had started walking around. We had […]

Fox on visit

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Fox on visit Eight o’clock in the morning. Working on my computer, I had a look outside. He was sitting there, in my garden. Quietly. Looking around. He cleaned himself like a cat. He watched the cars passing by. And then, he disappeared. I don’t know where. And I wonder what was the purpose of […]

A heart for animals

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A heart for animals Big Boy rescued a little bird. Mister cat wanted to play with it, and he could watch this scene. A heart for animals, you’d say. Right. But it depends very much of the situation. Big Boy likes playing with the baby cat, putting it under a cover or putting his T-shirt […]