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It started fifteen year ago in India, with a very old yoga teacher in Kerala.

I got to the huge, open yoga hall where the birds were sitting on the roof and making a lot of noise; it was difficult to concentrate on the exercises. The yoga teacher took my hand and crossed my fingers mumbling an introduction ritual.

Day by day, it became my own ritual to get up at 6 o’clock, wandering to the yoga class, saying hello to the birds on the roof. And I started my journey to my inner self, a journey I am following since then.

Of one of these quiet moments with myself was taken this picture in Egypt. By a nine year old boy who felt exactly the connection between the sun, the sea and me.

2 thoughts on “Connected

  1. Compliments, dear Esther: You’re doing a great job – an even in good English!
    Coincidentally spent 4 days with Hans Peter Danuser and a tour guide on a press trip in Dubrovnik, which I highly appreciated. Simply amazing what they were able to build up authentically again within 20 years after that horrible war immediately followed by a huge earthquake furthermore – impressive!
    By the way: When was this picture in Egypt taken? Phantastic!

    1. Thanks a lot, Jean-Pierre. Where can we read about your trip to Dubrovnik?
      PS. The picture was taken in Egypt in spring 2013 when the police was very present in the streets. Nevertheless, we felt rather at ease.

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