Deep relaxation

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Deep relaxation Looking at my baby cat that is sleeping most of the time when I’m writing I understand what my yoga teacher always wants to tell me. Breathing and letting go… Relax. Most of the time, my thoughts are walking around during the yoga class like my curious baby cat when it’s chasing butterflies, […]


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  Our cat lady Nara will be leaving us soon. It’s a sad moment because we really love her. Nara grew up somewhere far from us. She must have been beaten and treated very badly. She is so shy and wants hardly be caressed. Over this year and a half, since she came here, she […]

No time for homework

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    It is our new baby: three months old, silky coat and not shy at all. Loulou tells our two other cats who is the boss in this house. Hissing und growling like a big old cat, this tiny thing already knows how to make upset the others. The cat is the late birthday […]

Dreaming of dogs and cats

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While taking this picture of my younger son today, I remembered when I was his age; and we had summer vacation. I felt so happy and free of all school stuff. I spent some weeks with my grandmother and was playing all day long with my cousins. Only at mealtime, I had to go home […]

Same same

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    A cat is a cat, and a cat is eating, sleeping, walking and again eating, sleeping, walking. Nothing else. Right. But a cat is more than that. A cat starts being in a relationship with the human being, which is taking care of it. At the beginning, the two, the cat and the […]

Walk a parrot

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I met Sri Swamiji in Mysore. Before I met him personally, everybody told me his or her own story about Swamiji. What I gathered was that ten or fifteen years ago, he was a good friend for a small group of people, Europeans and Indians as well. His ashram was a tiny place where everyone […]

The elephant joke

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One morning, a waiter told us that there would be fifty elephants in Varkala. Okay, nice dream but we didn’t believe him. Later during the day, another India man said: “You will see fifty elephants tomorrow. What a lucky thing!” Must have been a joke in India to tell the tourists about upcoming crowds of […]

Of birds and boys

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    Sometimes children have got strange ideas. It was springtime when my elder son came home telling me: “I found these four birds on the floor in the forest. They must have been thrown out of their nest”. Everybody in the family felt sorry for these naked and hungry creatures. My son was convinced […]

Of cats and guys

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Whoever has got cats or has had in the past, can tell a lot of stories. Cats are like kids; they bring a lot of joy into our lives as well as sorrows. Our first two cats, brother and sister, had spent all their cat life in a small apartment with two nice young guys. […]