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Living without fear

Living without fear: Is this possible?

Some say, it is not.

But I think, it is possible. How? I’ll explain.

But first, I’d like to talk about the podcast series with this title I have started a few days ago.

In Switzerland, we experienced now three weeks of lockdown, which is nothing compared to Italy where it started many weeks before.

During these three weeks, I kept on doing my daily yoga practice, my meditation with Deepak Chopra and my gratitude posts on Instagram.

Posts on Instagram: Feeling grateful for…

But what I missed, was a daily and freshly made inspirational talk, until JT Foxx (World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach and Real Estate Investor from the US) started his program with powerful webinars, interesting life coaching sessions, daily podcasts and a new platform called Millionaire Flix, where he gives access to all his teachings and talks.

You may not like JT Foxx. I understand very well. But what I loved and what I find so helpful is that someone shows up every day, talks about the actual situation and brings great people to his talks, who experienced a lot of crisis before and who explain their point of view.

I know, you would say now: Deepak Chopra and JT Foxx? How on earth can you bring them together?

But let me explain.

They belong both to my personal universe.

Deepak gives me the spiritual guidance since many months now, and JT Foxx reminds me of my time as a journalist, where I always wanted to have the big picture about things going on. That is why today, it is so interesting for me to listen to JT and to his personal coaches, because they try to analyze the situation daily. They discuss as well about how differently the countries are reacting to the situation with the Corona virus and how the world will be affected after the crisis.

JT Foxx gave me the idea of this podcast and an easy technique to broadcast my message. A beautiful friend and photographer, Reham Fathy, encouraged me to take action. Thanks a lot!

Every morning, I produce now a new episode of a few minutes, available on different platforms like the free app Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic and Breaker (see links below) or here:

Now, why did I choose this topic: living without fear?

Fear is my topic since ever. My whole life, I worked so hard to get rid of fear and pain.

During the last few years, I found great coaches, who helped me to overcome this fear.

My life got so much easier, with so much less pain and suffering.

A hand reading with the amazing Brent Bruning gave me the ultimate courage to step out of my comfort zone and start writing my story and my book I always wanted to write.

The title for this book was clear: Living without fear. Besides, before I really started, I even published in November 2019 my book cover on Facebook to show that I will write and publish it in 2020.

The book “Living without fear” will be published in 2020.

In my book, I will share what I’m already sharing now in little pieces on my daily podcast.

Why is it possible to live without fear?

How can I gain certainty with myself? How can I survive the countrywide lockdown and eventual quarantine by structuring my days? How can I feel comfortable or even great although missing so many things?

My mission is to give away a very simple thought every day, which can be integrated into one’s day and can be remembered in very difficult moments during the day.

I hope that many people can listen to my podcast and take these little ideas into their day in order to suffer less.  

I know how it is: suffering. I suffered so much.

Living without fear, pain and suffering is such a relief.

Please share the links to my podcast with people, who you think need it.

Thank you so much for help.

LIVING WITHOUT FEAR is available here:


Anchor (free app available on App store or Google Play): LIVING WITHOUT FEAR von Esther Buerki


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2 thoughts on “Living without fear

  1. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi says:

    Loved reading about you my dear Esther🙏🙏 Would love to know more…

    1. swiss_made_story says:

      Thanks, my dear! Sending you a lot of love and light!

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