Content is queen

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Content is queen

Being creative is a wonderful thing. Being creative in a group is even more inspiring.

The Swiss journalist Dave Hertig invented and sponsors the “Content Day” where journalists, editors, marketing and event managers gather in the old town of Zurich.

During this day, I worked on my own projects. I finished and published for example my client’s new website www.demant.ch, I published the daily content for my other client Almo Nature and its website, Facebook and Twitter account and I continued the work for the third client who will soon come out with his professional hearing aid app for Android smartphones.

But the most inspiring thing during this day was the discussions on the roof of the house with the other creative people. We argued about the quality of texts today and 20 years ago, we discussed the pro and contra of publishing secret things and we exchanged funny stories of daily life as self-employed workers.

And last but not least, I appreciated very much the 1-minute presentations. Every hour, we stopped our own activity and listened to one of the participants and his or her ideas: one nice example is the creation of sustainable shirts for men.

Summa summarum: My first “Content Day” has been an enriching experience to my 80 days as an independent content manager.

Thanks, Dave… for all this and for your picture.




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