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Writing is Healing

Have you ever thought about writing your book and your own story? I guess, you have. But then you gave up this idea again because self-doubts started popping up. Am I good enough in writing? At school, your teacher told you that you are not good at grammar or writing an essay.

But an inner voice has been telling you again and again, that you’d wish to write your book. Maybe, you’ve started already. You’ve been writing a few pages. While re-reading what you have written, you told yourself that this won’t go anywhere. There are better writers than you.

I know exactly what you might feel. I always wanted to write my book. I studied literature, I worked as a journalist and I always shut down my idea of writing a book. I didn’t feel good enough.

Do what you like

Joining a business coaching program, I was told to do what I like the most and turn it into a business. I didn’t believe my coaches at first. I was mistrusting. But I tried: I published my first children’s book because I thought with a children’s book I wouldn’t put myself too much in a window and I wouldn’t be judged as hard as with a book written for adults. It still took me a lot of courage, and I felt rather uncertain. Fortunately, I had success with my first book. This gave me the idea to help others with children’s books. I started my business with this.

The idea of writing my own story was still there. Should I dare to write it now? I was struggling a lot with the idea. But then, I jumped in very icy water. I created the book cover of my book and posted it on all my social media channels, saying I will start writing my story now titled “Living Without Fear”.

Looking at your life and understanding you better

I started my healing process by writing my story. It was amazing how all the puzzle pieces of my life came together. You may not believe; how powerful this feels when you look at your life and you start understanding for the first time why things happened as they did.

While writing my book, I started coaching others to do the same. What an amazing journey began! Usually, when my clients start their book-writing journey with me (for the moment I have a lot of female clients), they don’t even know what her book will be covering. Although, there is always this indestructible wish to write a book.

Helping others by finding their own blocks

One client didn’t even know which topic her first book will be when she booked my coaching for six months. We didn’t know each other, but when we met for the first time and when I was asking her a lot of questions, we found her topic after two hours and some tears on her side because of the emotional part of speaking about her life story. What is even more amazing in her story: Being a Pilates instructor, she chooses to write about pull-ups – something this graceful woman isn’t able to do yet, although she has got a lot of muscles having worked as a police officer in her former life. She wants to find out why she is not able to do pull-ups properly, and while writing and doing a lot of research, she is figuring out what is blocking her physically and mentally and what could be the exact reason for others, who have the same challenge.

Another client, having tried to work in so many professions and jobs in her life, started writing her book in order to find out where her mission shall guide her. She knew that she wanted to inspire others and help them not doing the same mistakes as she did. Re-writing her story which is a rather emotional process helps her now to heal and forgive herself for having needed many rounds in her life to start the thing she always wished to do in her earlier childhood: Being on a stage, speaking and inspiring others – a thing she wasn’t allowed to do because she grew up in a family of hard-working people.

Daily motivation with the podcast

My own book “Living Without Fear” was nearly finished, when the time with the Covid Virus and the lockdown started worldwide. Fear became such a big topic that I decided to wait for the publication of my story for a few more months because I want to integrate some chapters about this special time with Covid-19.

During this time, I started writing texts for my daily podcast on the same topic “Living Without Fear” including topics like self-worth, not feeling good enough, gratitude, or letting go, and I was very touched by the feedback from Indians listening to my daily episodes in their severe lockdown in their four walls and telling me that my positive thoughts gave them the motivation to stay alive.

I feel very grateful for bringing light into others’ lives, and for my clients helping heal and fulfill their life dreams.

If you want to get started with writing but you’re still afraid, check out my special Writing Program “Believe You Can Write” here:

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