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Try again and again, and don’t give up

I always wished to help others and teach them what I’ve learnt during all the hardship I’ve gone through, but I thought I’m not good enough.

When I started talking about giving coaching, my former group psychologist and my peers laughed at me. I was devastated.

Do you know this kind of situation, where you know you’re right, but the others around you tell you something different? You start doubting and you start giving up your ideas, even when you feel so deeply that your colleagues are wrong. Don’t let it happen. Listen to yourself!

I know, it is hard.

My psychologist and the group therapy participants told me to look for normal job, where I would get the paycheck at the end of the month and where I would not have to bother about money anymore. They literally told me to accept that I am a normal person and that I should stop thinking of me being special and not being willing to do normal things like the others do. I felt destroyed. I even accepted that I won’t succeed in going another way than the normal one.

You may wonder why I listened more to the others than myself? I was conditioned since childhood. My parents always told me that I was wrong. Whenever I was unsecure, I kept on listening to the others.

But I got myself back, and this uncertain state of mind didn’t last long. A few weeks later, there was again my inner voice, which started popping up and telling me that I needed to go my way, do the things I decided to want to do and to be working on my own business.

I started digging deeper, listening to all ideas which crossed my mind. I would have needed a person, who helped me to sort out my ideas and to set up a proper my business idea and strategy.

Unfortunately, I had already spent a huge sum on a business coaching program, where my mentors had taught me a lot of methods and strategies, which I had implemented as good as I could. But an important puzzle piece was still missing.

I didn’t have the right mindset.

Do you know this situation? Have you already tried a lot of different things, but you didn’t succeed? So, stay with me! I might help you.

All changed when I started working on my mindset. And yes, I needed a coach, and he helped me to change from being uncertain into having certainty.

Suddenly, I could recognize how these feelings of not being good enough have been hindering me all my life to go forward. I often dared to do some good steps. For example, I overcame my self-doubts and finally published my first children’s book. But then, I started doubting again about my mission in this life.

Does this resonate with you?

So, how did I change my mindset? My coach’s method helped me to change my state of mind, not only once a week, but always when I need it: daily, hourly and in any situation. By repeating over and over again my sentences I’ve chosen to make me feel good, I suddenly started believing it.

Does this sound too easy to you?

I understand very well. That has always been my problem, too. If something sounded too easy, it felt suspicious to me, and I didn’t follow it anymore.

Another important point in changing mindset is to accept that it needs constant repetition. I always gave up too early. I went to a seminar and felt great after it, but I didn’t keep up with the things I learnt there.

Today, I feel stronger than ever. I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up my dream of coaching others. It feels so immensely good to help others to grow. But the most important thing for me is help my clients to change their mindset and to get away from a life-long suffering and not feeling good enough. So, little by little, step by step, they start believing in themselves and in their dreams of building up their own business.

If you like to learn more, accelerate your process in changing your mindset and gain certainty, get in touch with me or listen to my podcast “Living without fear”.

There is also my new Youtube series on “Finding Joy in Writing”.

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